Weekend Highlights – Lilly for Target, Hot Yoga and The Best New Recipe

Gooood morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a very much-needed relaxing and low-key weekend for me. One of the highlights? The Lilly for Target launch! I’d been waiting for weeks for the line to launch and woke up at 6:30 AM on Sunday to get to Target and wait. Let me just say that I’m not a big Black Friday shopper and I’ve never waited in line outside of a store for something. Needless to say, when we showed up at 7:30 and were about 30th in line, I was stunned. There ended up being about 200 people waiting and let me just tell you…it was CHAOS. Imagine 200 grown women running through Target with products for about 10% of them. Luckily, I ended up getting everything I wanted except for one item but MAN. I probably will NOT do that again.

photo 2 (41) photo 1 (42)

Moving on. :)

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was by far the warmest day of 2015 and I can’t tell you how happy I was to spend so much time outside in the sun! I started the day with a big bowl of peanut butter & jelly yogurt and a banana, eaten on the deck, and spent a little over an hour cleaning the house.

photo 1 (43)

I love the PB&J swirl!

photo 2 (42)

Bentley agrees.

photo 3 (35)

We try really hard to keep things clean and neat during the week but due to both of us traveling and a chaotic week in the office, there just wasn’t time last week. I feel 100 times better with a clean house and it’s actually relaxing for me to clean so starting Saturday off in cleaning mode was something I had been looking forward to. I’m not normal.

After cleaning, I headed out for a 4 mile run and ended up at Starbucks. Oops. Funny how that happens, right? ;)

photo 4 (26)

Iced coffee season is officially here to stay! I love Starbucks iced coffee and treated myself to a nice big caramel one on Saturday afternoon. Then I came home, made a green smoothie and laid out on the deck for a while to work on my tan.

photo 3 (34)

The rest of the night was pretty lazy. Nick was at a golf tournament all day so once he got home we hung out for a while, ate dinner and then watched some more TV. Totally different from last Saturday’s 3:30 AM bedtime!

Now, if we’re being totally honest, not only did I have a dream about the Lilly for Target launch on Saturday night, but I also woke up ridiculously early on Sunday morning and waited for my alarm to go off. Once it did go off, I inhaled a bowl of overnight oats and off to Target we went.

photo 5 (19)

Can you tell I have a thing for PB&J? It’s no big deal.

Once we successfully made it out of Target, Nick and I leashed up Bentley and took him for a hike. There’s a great trail near Nick’s parents house that’s just about 30 minutes away that we love because we can take Bentley off the leash and he can swim and chase tennis balls. He had a blast. I love that boy!

photo 3 (33)

photo 4 (25)We swung by Panera for lunch after and then I came home and napped. While Nick went off to golf again, I went to the grocery store and then headed to M Power for a hot class. It was the best way to wind down the weekend.

And dinner was a chicken avocado salad that I whipped up and absolutely loved. This is a bold statement, but it just might be the BEST recipe I’ve ever made. I’ll share this week!

photo 5 (18)

Now it’s time to kick off this Monday on the right note and get to work. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Did you go to the Lilly for Target launch? Did you witness or hear about the insanity? Please tell me I’m not alone!