Week in Workouts: Half Marathon Training Week 11

Man. HAPPY MONDAY! It’s so crazy that September is literally right around the corner which means race numero uno is on the horizon. I kind of can’t believe 2015 is almost over but I am so, so ready for fall.  Don’t hate me!

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I’ve been going back and forth between being extremely motivated and pretty much burnt out when it comes to running. Last week was all over the place and to top it off, I missed my long run on Sunday because I didn’t go to sleep until 3 am on Saturday night and woke up too late to beat the heat. Luckily I managed to get in 7.5 miles tonight (before the sky opened and I got soaked) so I’m not too concerned. I’m going to hopefully knock out 9 or 10 miles this weekend so I’ll still be right on track for the race on September 5th. Here’s a look at the last week of training:

Sunday – 4 miles @ 8:34 pace

Monday – 40 minutes elliptical (25 minutes HIIT, 15 minutes steady state cardio)

Tuesday – BodyPump

photo 2 (74)

Wednesday – 2.5 miles HIIT and 1.5 mile walk

Thursday – 40 minutes elliptical (20 minutes HIIT, 20 minutes steady state)

Friday – BodyPump

Saturday – 30 minutes bike, 15 minutes elliptical

Sunday – Rest

I’m excited for both races but I’m also so much  in love with BodyPump now that I can’t wait for training to end so I can focus on strength training and hopefully start teaching BodyPump! I really believe that part of the reason I’ve felt so strong throughout training, especially the last few weeks, is the consistent strength training I’ve integrated into my training plan. Even though my “diesel legs” as Nick calls them are out in full force, I feel stronger and recover from longer runs much better than I have in the past. I’m pretty happy with it!

And now I’m ending this post with a picture of Bentley, just to brighten up your Monday.

photo 1 (85)