Recent Eats & Workouts

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my last post. I apologize for taking the last week off of blogging, but there has been a lot going on and I’ve been busy. I went back to work last Wednesday and have settled back into my normal routine, which I think has helped me cope and adjust to a new normal.

I know that everyone is different, but returning to my normal routine with working out, working, cooking and eating has been incredibly helpful for me. I deal with my stress much better when I can compartmentalize it and try to carry on as regularly as possible. Here’s a look at some recent eats and workouts from the last week.


I’ve just started to cook again within the last few days. One thing I’ll say time and time again is that carrying on with my healthy eating habits always helps get me through stressful times – regardless of the cause. I’ve been placing a lot of importance into eating the right foods, and enough of them. I am the complete opposite of a stress eater, and tend to lose my appetite completely during high-stress times. It took me a few days to really gain my appetite back, but I’m happy to announce it has returned in full force. I’ve enjoyed quite a few good meals over the last week.

photo 5 (11)

Chopped chicken salad at Blue Hill Tavern

photo 4 (20)

Takeout sushi from Wegmans

photo 2 (38)

Green smoothie!

photo 3 (30)

Lobster BLT Salad from Thames Street Oyster House


Exercise has been my sanctuary. I haven’t been very creative on the fitness front, but I’ve been spending a lot of time running. I always turn to running when I’m stressed or need time to think/brainstorm, and I knew that running would be very instrumental in in helping me get through this stressful and tough time. Most of the time, I’m running between 3-4 miles and doing some abs. I did an easy arm workout yesterday, and am excited to get back into a strength routine. More on that later!


All of my friends came home the weekend after my dad died. My best girlfriends (except for you Kara – we missed you!!) spent the weekend with me. They all came over on Friday night  bearing wine and chocolate/peanut butter treats (I’m so predictable) and we spent the night eating lots of good food, drinking wine and talking. It’s rare that the eight of us are all together since everyone has moved around, and having them here meant the world to me.

photo 1 (35)

And Bentley. Dogs really bring so much joy to life, and it’s no secret how much I love this dog. He has been the perfect cuddle buddy and knows exactly when I need love. He’s the best.

photo 2 (39)

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow! I’ve got a great core workout to share with you all. Thank you for being so supportive and sweet. Hope you have a wonderful day!