Sunday Style

One of my favorite bloggers, Bess, recently stopped blogging and although I miss her, I am extremely happy that she is so happy and loving her new life in Charlotte. Bess’ blog was easily one of my favorites – and for many reasons. She posted killer workouts, great recipes and I loved her Sunday style posts.

I love to browse Pinterest for fashion-related stuff, and now that I’m back in Maryland and will be able to wear more than just tank tops and shorts, I’ve been all about pinning Fall outfits. So, inspired by Bess’s Sunday style posts, I decided to start posting some style posts on Sunday as well. They will probably be all over the place – from work clothes to exercise apparel to some home decor (in case you missed it, we’re buying a house this fall and I am SO excited to get started on decorating!).

For my first post, I’m going to share some fall fashion ideas with you all. After living in Florida for the past two years where Fall is pretty much nonexistent, I am so excited to shop for some new additions to my wardrobe and get a chance to wear boots and scarves again. It’s the little thing. ;) You can find the link to all of these on my Pinterest page!56bf32656f122ce56d331d0c8d3bdace56f26539ef3e8f3880b604fd455c3ed269aa724467992913c9ece4f1fa8362b8chunkyscarfleatherscarfscarfsweatersweatervest

 What look are you loving for Fall right now?