Taking Healthy Relationships to a Whole New Level

I’ll be the first to give Nick a lot of  credit for living with me sometimes. I’m not saying that I’m a hard person to live with, but when it comes to food I’m not exactly on par with boys. They love pizza and beer, I love veggies and green monsters.

Luckily, Nick is not one of those guys who is set in his ways about food. In fact, he is a pretty good sport and will try just about anything that I make. I’ve successfully gotten him into green monsters, and I’m lucky that he is pretty healthy on his own. This makes for easier grocery shopping, probably because he shares my love of grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, last weekend I went grocery shopping solo, since he was hanging out with one of his friends. When I saw spaghetti squash, I was so excited that I immediately put one into my cart. You see, growing up, my mom used to grow them in our backyard and I used to love when they were finally ready to be picked and eaten.

Last night, I decided it was time to make the spaghetti squash and after getting Nick to cut it in half for me (those suckers are TOUGH), I placed it on a cookie sheet and baked it in the oven for about 35 minutes.

Once it was finished baking, I started forking out the insides into strands of “spaghetti”, and then covered it with some pasta sauce. After topping it off with some cheese, my bowl of spaghetti was ready!

I forgot how much I truly love spaghetti squash. As a kid, my favorite food was spaghetti, and this is a great healthy alternative to the noodle. I made Nick try it, and I was a little hesitant to see how he would react. He is Italian, and I know that there is no substitute for the noodle in his eyes. However, I was more than happy when he wanted a bowl of “spaghetti” too! He’s a trooper, and it makes me happy that he can enjoy the same nutritious meals that I love.

In other relationship news, I read this article about Kim Kardashian and how relationships cause weight gain. I have heard this many times before, but I don’t think that relationships are at fault. I truly think that once people get comfortable in a relationship, they just don’t find it necessary to try to look their absolute best day in and day out. I think that is very easy to lead a healthy lifestyle  despite the fact that in a relationship, there definitely seems to be more dining out and indulging. In my opinion, life is all about moderation, and that is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.


I have been in several long-term relationships, and I have never found it difficult to keep weight off. I can definitely see where people are coming from in terms of less gym time, more food time, but it is possible to maintain a healthy weight without working out just by eating nutritious foods and making good choices when dining out. I think that leading a healthy lifestyle is about dedication and determination, and your health shouldn’t become less of a priority when you enter into a relationship.

Maybe I’m just the exception to the rule? What do you guys think-in your relationships or experiences, do you think weight gain is inevitable?


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    I’m lucky to have a guy that eats pretty much whatever I put in front of him too! I think I’d have to disagree with relationships causing weight gain. My boyfriend has definitely made a huge impact on bringing up my body image in a positive way, so sure I don’t feel like the world is ending if I gain a pound.. but at the same time, he loves me and I want to continue to be ME for him, so it gives me more of an incentive to want to lose that pound. If your relationship with someone is solely based around food then I don’t know if that’s a healthy relationship to begin with. And don’t forget!… Those who play together stay together sooo go for a run, go swimming or maybe even amp it up during, er… “playtime” 😉 hah

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    Girl, your topics have been on point this week! I love them! I totally agree with you when you say once you’re comfortable in a relationship you tend to not try to look your best day in and day out…I’ve been there and honestly I like not having to get dressed up everyday, they should love me for me right?! And I think the weight gain we seeis from eating out on date nights often or curling up on the couch eating ice cream and watching movies, it’s because we stop making smart food choices, it’s not necessarily the relationship its just that it’s easier and you get to be lazier when you grab cheesecake facotry instead of cooking a healthy dinner! It’s all about finding a sensible balance with being lazy and being healthy! Oh, and can I tell you that it looks like you’ve definitely found a winner, I love a man who will try all my kitchen experiments! :)

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    Great topic raised, girl! Although I’m not currently in a relationship, I don’t think that weight gain is inevitable! At the end of the day, we all have a choice of how to react to a situation! Sure relationships may test our will power more so than if we’re single, but if something is important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work! Here’s hoping I bear this in mind when I am in a relationship ;)!

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