TJ’s Envy

Good morning! As you are reading this, I am most likely high up in the sky on my way to Maryland! I’m so excited to get back for many reasons but being the health nut that I am,  I would by lying if I said I wasn’t overly excited about one certain place.

Now, I love Florida for many reasons. I love the fact that it’s October and I am still wearing a tank top and shorts every day.

I love that I can take Bentley on a walk at night and see a gorgeous sunset over the lake outside of our apartment.

I love that I live within walking distance to pretty much any store I could ever want to shop in. Nordstrom Rack is seriously 5 minutes away from my apartment. ON FOOT.

I also love that I live within walking distance not only to Tutti Frutti, but also to Pinkberry. That is a dream come true for my froyo loving self. It’s also a nightmare for Nick.

Guess what? Despite the fact that Whole Foods and The Fresh Market are both within 10 minutes of my apartment, I am still a little sad. Why?

Because the closest Trader Joe’s is over 2 hours away from me in beautiful, sunny Sarasota.

In college, I was a frequent shopper at Trader Joe’s. I did most of my grocery shopping there, and am notorious for spending hours at a time there. My friends even send me pictures of TJ’s products when they go now, just to rub in the fact that they are within 4 of them in Maryland and I could fly home to go to one in the amount of time it would take me to drive to the closest one in Florida.

So in light of  this and the fact that I am so jealous of every other blogger I see posting about the great new items at Trader Joe’s this fall, I diagnosed myself with Trader Joe’s Envy. If you are familiar with Freud, you know where this is coming from.

When I got the email last week with the new Fearless Flyer items, I almost cried. Pumpkin greek yogurt?! The pumpkin cream cheese that I fell in love with last year?! And my absolute favorite-the pumpkin butter?! Torture.



Good thing Southwest lets you check two bags for free. Because I fully intend to fill one whole suitcase full of pumpkin butter to bring back down to Florida.

That might be a little dramatic. However, I am more than excited to go back and visit Maryland and get my hands on some sea salt and dark chocolate covered almonds. See you from Charm City!



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    I love trader joe’s. I’m fortunate enough to go to school in Maryland so I’m within walking distance of TJ’s, Fresh Market, and Safeway. But TJ’s is definitely a crowd favorite! I get so sad when I go back to New England in May and say goodbye to my favorite grocery stores… we don’t have TJ’s OR Fresh Market (my other favorite… if I could afford half the stuff they sell!).
    We also don’t have a lot of fro-yo options at home… and I have FOUR I can walk to here! So that’s definitely a little problematic in the summertime. I can’t live without my froyo obsession.
    Have fun visiting Maryland and enjoying a little taste of fall weather :)

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      Where do you go to school?! I’m born and raised in Howard County, and went to UMD so a large part of my heart is in Maryland. Tell me about the Fresh Market-we went there a couple of weeks ago and spent almost $100 on just miscellaneous stuff! Learned my lesson reaaal quickly, ha.

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    I totally am all about getting stuff I can’t normally get in other places and bringing it home with me. Whenever I visit Heather in RI I stock up on $30-$40 of goodies from the vegan cafe Wildflour and bring them home. I eat it all so slowly to make it last as long as possible! Also what are those freaking delish looking things in that Pinkberry fro yo?

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      Girl, do you know I literally have a whole suitcase full of stuff I’m bringing back?! I’m so glad someone understands, because my family thinks I’m crazy for hoarding jars of pumpkin butter (sorry not sorry). And they are hazelnut wafers-I think they’re called pirouettes? So.good.

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