That’s Why They Are Treats

Being that it IS Halloween, I definitely expected to see Halloween tweets and posts all over social media today.

There was one article, however, that really hit me hard. It rubbed me the wrong way and I went back and forth on whether or not to write about it, or to just try to forget about it.

Ultimately, I decided to write about it.

I saw a tweet from one of my favorite health magazines, with a link to an article that essentially told you how long you needed to work out in order to burn off Halloween candy. Apparently it takes 37 minutes to burn off 20 candy corns.


Honestly, who cares?

I was a little sad to see this article because I feel like it feeds into a totally negative aspect of life for women, whether they are age 15, 21, or 40. Eating disorders are so common in society today that this is the last thing women should be worrying about.

Today is Halloween, it is a holiday, and it is one that revolves around candy. I do not think that anyone should feel guilty for indulging their sweet tooth and celebrating Halloween. It’s acceptable as a kid, so why not when you are grown up? Sure, you should keep portion control in check and make sure not to overdo it, but there is nothing wrong with just eating some chocolate along with the rest of the world.

In my own experience, I’ve found that deprivation ultimately leads to failure. Sure, I can stay away from chocolate for a couple of weeks. But once I eat it after that, game over. I’ve found that totally banning something from my diet only leads me to want it more. I’ve realized that moderation is key, and that is the way I live my life. I won’t say no to chocolate, but I’m not going to eat it at every meal. I will never turn you down for fro-yo, but I’m not going to walk to eat it every night (even though I could if I wanted to!)

There is a reason that it is called trick-or-treating. Treats are not meant to be frequent. They would not be considered a treat if they were so easily accessible, and they would lose their novelty if that were the case.

As someone who has had their own struggles with disordered eating, this article just made me so sad. I used to be the girl who tried to work off every calorie consumed, and this information would have been gold to me back in those days. I still thank God every day that I’ve gotten past those days and can now enjoy food, and life, without constantly worrying about what I’m eating and how long I need to work out to burn it off. That is no way to live at all.

I’m going to step off my soap box now. I hope you all are able to enjoy Halloween for what it is, and not feel the need to feel guilty enough to spend hours in the gym tomorrow. Time for some candy!



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    All I ate for lunch today was candy (dont judge) and I had a thought about how I was going to need to really workout later but caught myself and was like STOP! nononono, it’s Halloween!

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    I completely agree- treats have slowly worked their way back into my diet and I am so much happier because of it. There are definitely times when I tend to try and “work off” whatever I ate that I wasn’t comfortable with, but it does bother me to see so many articles about burning off the calories from the candy. It takes all of the fun out of the night!

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