Drinking & Running-Yes or No?

Hi guys!

So yesterday I held off on my run until later in the day. I was so sore from sleeping and my neck and shoulders hurt all day long. Once 5:00 rolled around, I knew I needed to get it together so I took my butt to the gym and knocked out 3 quick miles.

I’m right on track with my 8:00 miles. I got a little bored yesterday because I wanted to run faster, but I really need to work on pacing myself. I also finished with 10 minutes of sprints after this, and was a sweaty mess. I was a little embarrassed because when I saw myself in the mirror, I looked totally normal except for my stomach. For some odd reason, my stomach sweats more than any other part of me! Does anyone else share this problem?

Since I worked out so late yesterday, I ate an early dinner right after my run. Lately all I’ve been wanting is veggies, veggies, and veggies. There’s chicken at the bottom of this bowl ( I promise!) but I’ve been obsessed with cauliflower and broccoli lately. But hey, I’m not complaining! It could be worse. 😉

And then I spent the rest of the night with this guy.


Drinking While Training

So lately I’ve been trying to do a little research on drinking while training for a half marathon. I know a lot of people just completely cut drinking out of their lives and focus solely on their training. However, I don’t consider myself to be a huge drinker anyways(that’s what college was for!), so when I do drink, it’s typically 2 or 3 drinks, and two nights a week at MOST. I’m trying to only drink beer or wine these days, because I’ve found that my body gets to be really sluggish after drinking liquor.

I can’t figure out if I want to completely cut out drinking for the next few months because I know there are going to be several times ( holidays!) where my friends and family will be enjoying alcohol, and I just truly don’t know how I feel about this.

I’ve read several articles that discuss the horrible effect alcohol has on your body, and I’m not saying this isn’t true. I’ve experienced myself the difficulty of running the day after a night out. But on the other hand, I don’t see how it will really hurt me if I drink a handful of times over the next few months. I honestly don’t think that it will set my training back, but I do want to make sure I am in top condition come marathon time.

For any of you who have already ran marathons, what was your experience like? Please, shed some light and help me out with this. I hope you all have a great day! And don’t forget to celebrate the final day of those annoying political ads. Whooo!





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    I’m not sure how I feel about the benefits of stopping drinking when training for races. I personally don’t drink (and I am in college, but I’m just not interested in it), but all of my friends do. When I used to swim, we had a “dry month” where nobody was allowed to drink for a month before conferences. I’m not sure if I believe this helped physically as much as it did mentally, and I am really curious to see if they’ve done studies on it. Look at Michael Phelps- I’m sure he drinks, yet he still blows everyone out of the water at the Olympics. Obviously he’s an extreme case, but I think drinking in moderation doesn’t hurt. I would say cutting back on the nights where you go crazy (which you said you don’t) is probably beneficial because of what it does to your body for the days following that one night. My coach told us it takes 3 days to undo what you did to your body when you drink, but I’m pretty sure he was referring to binge drinking.
    Maybe you should try it both ways and see which works best for you :)

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      Yeah! I wish I was on Michael’s level, haha, but it’s such a toss up for me. I ran in college (not on any team, but I ran almost every day) and I went out a LOT. I feel like I was just immune to hangovers then, because the morning after for me now is terrible if I drink more than a drink or two. I just don’t want to mess up my training and I know if I drink and miss a long run (since I do them on Sundays) I’ll be really disappointed in myself!

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