Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Hello, hellllloooo! I’ve been a little MIA lately, but I’m back in action with a brand new iPhone to boot!

After my phone died on me Monday morning, I had a slight panic attack and rushed all around Orlando to find a Verizon store that could replace my phone. Thanks to an upgrade, I got a brand new iPhone- for free, baby! I was so relieved because one store told me I would have to wait 2 days for them to order one in for me, and there is no WAY I could go 2 days without a phone. Crisis averted.

Anyways, I’ve been working out a little harder this week. I was sick over the weekend and felt pretty blah overall (yes blah is a word to describe you when you’re sick), so I made a point to make my workouts count this week. So far, so good! My shoulders are hurting real good right about now.

Along with running, I completed a slightly altered version of this workout from Julie. I may or may not have been trying to get back at my downstairs neighbors for their 2 am “conversations” on the deck that are so loud I can hear them in our bedroom. If this continues, they are going to have a lovely Saturday morning. Just sayin!



Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Okay, so there is something that’s been on my mind this entire week. Unless you live under a rock, you all know by now that Thanksgiving is in 8 days. I honestly don’t know how you could miss this, seeing as how Thanksgiving related articles have been taking over Twitter, Facebook, and even my favorite fitness websites.

Now this may seem very similar to my rant on Halloween about Halloween candy, but I think Thanksgiving is yet another holiday that has been so spun out of context and turned into a total health crisis. Everywhere I look, I see versions of healthy pie, healthy stuffing, even ways to avoid “gaining 5 pounds on Thanksgiving”. I think that’s great. I am all for making healthy dishes on Thanksgiving and finding healthy substitutions for heavier foods. Don’t get me wrong here, because I am one of those who love to “healthify” foods and make them more nutritious. I have nothing against light versions of foods, making healthy substitutions, and finding ways to make healthy food taste indulgent.

But guys, let’s get real. You are not going to gain 5 pounds from ONE meal that has a little more carbs and fat than your body is used to. You should not feel guilty for enjoying your mom’s homemade stuffing that she makes once a year. I know I’m not going to feel bad in the least, because it’s not something I eat every day, every week, or even every month.

I think that Thanksgiving has turned into being only about the food, the potential to set back healthy habits and restriction, and people are really missing the point. Nick opened my eyes to this last night when we were talking about Thanksgiving and he said, “it’s not about the food, it’s about being with your family”. Well said, babe.

I think this is a concept that people put on the back burner while they obsess over not gaining weight. You are supposed to be spending this time enjoying your family and appreciating the little things in life that a lot of people overlook. It is going to be considerably less enjoyable if you are constantly counting calories in the back of your head while resenting your family for eating amazing desserts that you have made off-limits to yourself.

This is yet another time where I feel I can preach my healthy eating approach, which is everything in moderation. I personally am all about the sweet food, and could care less about some of the more savory foods on Thanksgiving. I tend to try to eat as many veggies as I can, along with turkey and of course my mom’s AMAZING stuffing, but I really am all about dessert. I don’t feel bad at all because I don’t eat like this every day, and know that the next day, my healthy habits return and I won’t be sad about missing out on something I really wanted.

Plus, even if you do feel bad about overindulging, just turn those feelings into positive energy and work-out that much harder the next day. You can’t undo any of the decisions you have already made, but you can choose to make better ones in the future.

All I’m really trying to say here is, enjoy your Thanksgiving, and don’t let it become a battle of calories and negativity. It’s a holiday for a reason, a time that should be spent happy, cheerful, and around the ones you love.

Okay my rant is over. I hope you all have a good Wednesday! It’s almost the weekend, and then a super short week next week. See ya later!</p


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    I totes agree with this, just like I did with the halloween candy. Thanksgiving is ABOUT sharing food with the ones you love. It’s not about making every dish with as little fat or butter or milk as possible. It’s a day we should be thankful for the body we have, the food we have, the people around us. So thank you for saying this!
    P.s- I couldn’t go more than 2 days without a phone either :)

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    I like this rant! I honestly cannot stand the time period between Oct and Jan because of all the weight talk that goes on. Well OK, I love all the holidays during it plus I get to go to FL for Christmas so I guess I don’t hate it. But the weight talk sucks! First Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving dinner, then warnings about Christmas cookies, and then New Year’s resolutions. Totally the worst 4 months out of the year in terms of the media bombarding you with “should” statements and so many “warnings” about gaining weight as a result of, um, enjoying the holidays. We need more rants like yours!


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