My ABC’s

Happy May Day! I’m excited May is finally here for a few reasons. Today marks ONE MONTH until my first half-marathon(!!!) and I’m going to be traveling back to Maryland not once, but twice!

The first visit is a surprise so I’m not going to disclose when/why I am going back until next week, but I’m so excited to see all of my friends and family! As of now, only my brother and my girlfriends know about my surprise appearance and I’ve already jam-packed my schedule with dinners, froyo dates and other exciting things with them. I can’t wait!

Since I’m crazy busy at work today and will be all week long, I have a fun little survey for you all. I love filling out surveys and talking about my life in general (even though that makes me sound like a narcissist, which I promise I am not) so this one was a fun little way to end my night last night. And here we go, the ABC’s of Keeping Up With Claire!

A.   Age: 24

B.    Bed size: Queen. I’m just waiting for Nick to get the idea in his head that we need a King though…

C.   Chore you hate: Taking out the trash. Eeeeeww.

D.   Dogs: I’m crazy in love with my little golden retriever Bentley!


E.  Essential start to your day: Iced coffee. It’s one of the perks of living in Central Florida-it’s always iced coffee season!

F.  Favorite color: Pink!

G.  Gold or silver: Silver.

H.  Height: 5’6

I.   Instruments you play: It’s one of my secret talents, but I’m a big piano player. Not to toot my own horn here, but I’m actually really good and can play by ear. That’s what 10 years of lessons will get ya!

J.   Job title: Social Media Brand Manager & Personal Trainer. Depends on where you find me!

K.  Kids: None for now. I can barely handle a dog!

L.  Live: Orlando, Florida!


M. Mom’s name: Sharon.

N.  Nicknames: Claire Bear, Car Bassy (my sister’s attempt at saying Claire Elizabeth when we were babies),  and a long list of lovely nicknames Nick has come up with for me that I’ll go into length about more later…

O.  Overnight hospital stays: Just one! I am very anemic and two years ago I had a really bad breathing issue, so the doctors held me in the hospital all night long to do tests. It was actually really boring and I hope to never go back!

P.  Pet peeve: Negative people. I really don’t like hearing people complain about things all day long!

Q.  Quote from a movie: “Crab cakes and football baby, that’s what Maryland does!” That couldn’t describe Maryland any better. Crab cakes and football are two of my favorite things!

R.  Righty or Lefty: Righty, but I can also write with my left hand. Chalk that up to something you never needed to know about me…

S.   Siblings: My older sister (by one year!)  Katlyn  and my brother Chris, aka my twin.


T.   Time you wake up: It reaaaaaally depends. Anytime from 5:30-6:30 on the weekdays depending on my workout for that day. On the weekends, I wake up between 7:30 and 8. I’ve sadly lost the ability to sleep in. Oh, college days, I miss you.

U.   Underwear: Well, I do wear them. However, about 50%of the time I can be found running around in Nike tempo shorts, so let your imagination wander on that one…

V.    Vegetables you dislike: Hmmmmm. I’ll get back to you on that one.

photo (8)

W.   What makes you run late: I asked Nick to answer this for me because he HATES how I am late everywhere we go. His answer:  “Because your strength isn’t executing”. 95% of our arguments are about me being late. However, I’m on time when I HAVE to be. Just not when we’re going somewhere casually. It totally depends on the situation.

X.    X-rays you’ve had: Knee X-rays-more than I can remember!

Y.    Yummy food you make: Any dessert. I’m a firm believer that I was a pastry chef in another life…

Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Giraffes. I love them!


Your turn!

D. Dogs? How do you feel about them? (Choose your answer verrrrrrry wisely here my friends!)

V. What vegetable do you dislike?

W. What makes you late?



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    I love these surveys to get to know people more. I agree with the tempo shorts statement… ha!

    D. Dogs? I want a dog so bad! But can’t have them at my apartment..

    V. MUSHROOMS-woof.

    W. My workouts or checking twitter/instagram make me late. ha!

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