For Once, A Low-Key Weekend

Heeeeeeeeey there! Happy Monday!

So I took a little time off of blogging to get my priorities in order and just take a little break. Nick and I had been so busy with back to back visitors, my trip back to Maryland and then his trip to Jacksonville with his friends ( he left the day I got back from Maryland), so it was nice to have a low-key weekend.

We kicked off the weekend Friday night at Season’s 52! I was slightly (read-VERY) excited when he told me he made reservations there because we hadn’t been in a few months and I LOVE it there. Boyfriend points for Nick! 😉






The best part of any meal at Season’s 52-the mini desserts! I got the red velvet cake one this time and it pains me to say that it actually beats the peanut butter mousse. It was amazing, and I could probably eat 10 of them.



We spent all of Saturday morning apartment/house hunting in downtown Orlando. Our lease is up on our apartment August 1st, and we are looking to move downtown. Of course, we kicked off the house hunting with a little iced coffee action. FYI, I’m 14 stars away from gold card status. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once I achieve that goal. Maybe I’ll try to fill up a Pinkberry card in a week. That goal is definitely reachable for me!





We ended up finding a really great realtor who is going to help us out! Since we’re not looking to move for another two months, it’s pointless to look at open listings now since they won’t be available when we want to move. However, after talking to him both Nick and I felt much better about the process and are a lot less stressed about moving. Moving is my least favorite thing, so the smoother it goes for me, the better.

After walking all over downtown Orlando for a few hours, we met up with my coworkers at Lake Eola for Relay for Life. It was hot-one of the hottest days of the year so far! We spent a few hours with them before heading home to take a nap and eat one of my favorite salads in the world.



I am a little obsessed with the Sonoma Valley salad from Burger 21. Nick and I both agree that the one thing we will miss the most when we move is living across from here! However, I’m sure we will find an excuse to make trips there pretty frequently. 😉

I actually had a 10 mile run planned for yesterday but I was totally and completely exhausted. I’m not sure if it was all the walking we did, the hot sun or just a combination of the two but I was so tired yesterday. I took a 2 hour nap with Bentley and woke up tired. I wanted to get some kind of workout in, so I went to the gym for 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical-nothing too thrilling. I’m planning to get my 10-miler in after work today, as long as the rain holds off! If not, to the apartment gym I go!

The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping, cleaning and hanging around with this little guy.



He plays the pathetic role so well.

It’s time for me to get back to work. I’ll see you all tomorrow with hopefully a nice 10-mile recap! Enjoy the rest of the marvelous day!


What was the highlight of your weekend? Are any of you like me and determined to fill out rewards cards as quickly as you can?


  1. says

    Seasons 52 is so good, like you said, mini dessert shooters best part!

    Relaxing weekend is always a good thing, you know we had one over here 😉

    Lots of love to ya girl! Happy week!

  2. says

    Yes! I’m a rewards card diva! I have a Starbucks gold card, and am always searching for excuses to fill up my various froyo punch cards. I usually have 4-5 going at once because there are so many froyo places in my neighborhood. Whoever invented the punch card marketing tactic was pretty smart, because it definitely works! I’m sure I buy WAY more than I would if there wasn’t some kind of reinforcing rewards system. Haha!

    I’m so glad you had a relaxing weekend with Nick! Your dinner at Season’s 52 looks absolutely amazing. Boyfriend points is right! Season’s is one of my favorite restaurants, however there aren’t any near me, so I have to take advantage when I can. The mini dessert shooters are always a must! I love the cheesecake and peanut butter mousse, but haven’t tried red velvet cake. Yumm.

    It’s exciting that you’re planning on moving to downtown! I’ve never been to Orlando, but I’ve heard it’s a great city, and would love to visit sometime! xoxo

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