The Theme Is Pumpkin

The theme of the day today is pumpkin!

20130913-095951.jpgPumpkin Greek yogurt. Just plain greek yogurt with 1 cup of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spice!

20130913-100219.jpgAnd a pumpkin spice latte to start the day!

Last night I took another late night hot yoga class and despite going into class extremely sore, I ended up leaving feeling much more relaxed and my muscles felt 10 times better. I was expecting my arms to feel like they were going to fall off since Alex, my instructor, is notorious for quadruple chaturangas but I felt really strong going through them. If you don’t know what a chaturanga is, it’s basically a high plank to a low push-up, so it’s essentially a push-up.  I’ve also been working on a lot of forearm poses (such as headstand) and can really tell a difference in my upper arm strength. If you want to build some strong arms, I highly recommend hot yoga! 😉

But who am I kidding… I recommend hot yoga for just about anything.

When I was driving home after yoga I thought about the different poses that I could incorporate into circuit workouts at the gym. There are a lot of poses that are great for strength training because they require nothing other than your body weight. I’m not lying when I tell you that I can see changes in my body within a week if I practice yoga frequently (3-4 times a week). It typically takes me 3-4 weeks to really see changes when weight training, and I think that is why I am so hooked on yoga.

Since this is the first weekend in over 6 weeks where there is absolutely NOTHING on the agenda, I’m so looking forward to having time to just relax and do whatever I want, whenever I want. I may head to the 6 PM power yoga class at my studio tonight if I leave my company event early. I’d like to get in a hot yoga class before just laying around tonight and watching Netflix.

My life is so exciting.

Happy Friday!


    • Claire says

      I am LOVING pumpkin protein pancakes lately. I wish I was able to go, but my cousin is getting married next weekend so we are going up to Maryland! Bad timing. :(

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