Perfect Fall Saturday

If I could describe the perfect fall Saturday, it would be yesterday. It all started with a glorious 11 hours of sleep. I went to bed really, really early on Friday (9 am) and slept until 8 on Saturday. I woke up, went to a 75 minute hot yoga class and then swung by Drunken Monkey for a peanut butter iced coffee. It’s becoming my weekend yoga ritual! I love that place. Once I got home I made a green monster and enjoyed the two on the couch while watching College Gameday.

20130928-132947.jpgI showered then cleaned our entire apartment from top to bottom. It was desperately needed. Once Nick got home from his office (he’s studying to take the GMAT and went to take a practice test there) we walked down the street for a mid-afternoon date. We’ve had our eye on Iza, a tapas bar a couple of blocks down from our house, so we finally made it there today! Safe to say we will be going back again because it was amazing.


This was the BEST sangria I’ve ever had. It was full of fruit too, which always wins my heart. Sangria can be so hit or miss with me (I’ll never forget the time my friend Elle and I went to a WINE bar and they served us sangria sans fruit with peach vodka. Um, what?) and both Nick and I really loved it here!

20130928-203656.jpgI picked the Plato Mixto, which was basically a wino’s dream. The strawberry jam was SO good. I would bathe in it if I could. It was super fresh, there were chunks of strawberries and it was a great mixture with the pepper covered goat cheese. I also really enjoyed the brie and apple combination. I am not a fan of olives at all so Nick ate them for me. 😉 That’s what boyfriends are for, right?

Once we got home, I baked up some pumpkin cookies and muffins for my girls on Monday. I figured it would be a nice change up from the typical yogurt/granola bar/banana snack they’ve had the past few weeks.

20130928-203529.jpgWhile I was baking, I looked into our TV room and saw this guy…


So we went for a little walk. We walked around the newly discovered lake near our apartment. It was actually a little cooler and almost felt like fall. Well, fall in Orlando. Which is not even close to the real fall that I grew up with.


Came home, roasted up some veggies, cooked some turkey tenderloin and ate dinner while watching TV. We spent the rest of the night hanging out on the couch and relaxing.

I just got home from a long walk with Bentley and Nick and now I’m off to the Farmer’s Market for our weekly fruits & veggies stock-up. Enjoy your Sunday and go Ravens!


  1. Krystina says

    I saw Drunken Monkey and thought “In Orlando?” and I was right! I just stumbled across your blog and it’s exciting to see a fellow Orlando blogger. :)

    You have a beautiful pup, too.

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