Christmas Eve, Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, eve! By the way, since when did that become a thing? I’ve seen that a lot of places today, and feel like I’ve been living under a rock because I’ve never really referred to today as Christmas Eve Eve. Oh well. Anyways, I hope all of your Christmas shopping is done because I can’t even imagine braving the crowds at the mall today or tomorrow. I finished up all of mine yesterday and couldn’t be happier. All of the presents are wrapped and ready to go under the tree!

This morning started early for me. Nick and I both have to work from home today (although my work is only going to take a few hours, and his will be all day) so we woke up before 7 this morning to get started. Actually, Nick woke up before 7. I laid in bed until 7:35 and then I headed downstairs to his parents’ dining room to work with him.

Yet somehow “working” together turned into me making him pancakes. Surprising…

IMG_5516While he ate chocolate chip pancakes, I double-fisted coffee and oatmeal. Keepin’ it classy around here.

IMG_4077I promise there’s oatmeal under that peanut butter there.  You just might have to look a little harder.


Once I finish up my work for the day, I’m heading off to an appointment with my hematologist with Nick’s mom. I’m hoping he will be able to figure out why my anemia is so bad despite all of my efforts to combat it. Nick’s mom is a nurse and she is coming along to help me with questions and to help me absorb all of the information that I’m sure will be thrown my way today.

Nick’s mom told me to keep working out very low intensity until we go to the doctor today, so my exercise for the day will probably be an hour of walking/jogging on the treadmill. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical yesterday and did some ab work, so that’s a plus, but I definitely want to get some activity in today before major Christmas festivities begin tomorrow.

Not sure what the rest of the day will look like after the doctor, but I’m trying to get Nick to make some sugar cookies with me. I’ve been working on that since about 8 a.m. and so far no dice, but we have a whole day ahead of us and I’m confident in my ability to wear him down/annoy him enough to agree to it.

See ya later!


    • Claire says

      Girlfriend, we are one in the same! The only reason there ISN’T any Bailey’s in mine (yet) is because I can’t drink right now until I go to the doctor. After that, game on. 😉

    • Claire says

      That explains that! I enjoy Friends, but was never a loyal follower so now I know! :) Haha, thank you. I was wondering why EVERYONE was saying it yesterday! Merry Christmas!

      • says

        haha I love FRIENDS but never considered that to be one of the more comical Christmas lines; I think the Holiday Armadillo was way funnier. Anyways, hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

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