Confusing Results

Merry Christmas Eve!

Okay, so you know what the best part of being off of work is? Even though Nick had to work this morning, after he woke me up at 7 (again) I fell back asleep until close to 9. Then I lazily made my way downstairs and fixed some festive peanut butter oatmeal in a cute Christmas mug. I have a thing for eating out of bowls/mugs/cups. I’m probably the messiest eater in the world, so eating out of bowls and mugs helps me a little bit. You should watch me try to eat a salad off of a plate…it’s both hilarious and disgusting at the same time.


Moving on. So yesterday I went to see my hematologist. Aside from the fact that he was wearing very Harry Potter-esque glasses that made me giggle when I looked at him ( I’m so mature) he had some very interesting information for me. It turns out the lady who gave me my test results was wrong. My red blood cells are fine, which means that my iron levels are slightly low but okay and my daily iron pills are working. What’s NOT okay, though, is my white blood cell count. It’s pretty low and he said this is most likely a fluke because white blood cells regenerate every 3 days, so I could have been tired/stressed when I had the blood work done and that could have contributed to the low count. He ordered another test for more blood work to check my white blood cells again, and I will have the results of that test either today or Thursday. If that comes back low, I will have more blood work done. Joy. Talk about confusing results.

However, after checking out my breathing, asking me questions about my daily life and giving me a short body assessment, he said that my frequent tiredness and dizziness are most likely due to the fact that I am just run down and need to rest. I told him how the second half of the year was pretty much go-go-go for me between moving, frequent visitors, Girls on the Run, work and a new change that is coming up soon. He told me that at the level I work out and how active I am each day, my body probably just needs more rest and I need to be sure I’m not overdoing it during the week between working out, work and various other activities.

So, fingers crossed that my test results come back fine and I don’t need any more blood work done!

As for now, I’ve got to go make Nick breakfast. I told him to wait until I was finished typing up this post and he told me, “It’s always about the blog!” Haha. After I make him breakfast, I’m going to go for a run around his parents’ neighborhood before helping my brother out with some last minute Christmas shopping. Then Christmas Eve festivities begin at my grandfather’s house with my family and I can’t wait!

Merry Christmas Eve!


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    Sleeping in literally is the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!! I slept in until 8, which is 7 my time, but MAN WAS IT A DREAM – LOL! Oh and lady, talk to me more about your blood, I have blood problems too! I have very low blood count in general, regardless – it’s genetic, and I bruise so very easily. I actually have this: Thrombocytopenia – Bah! Hopefully your condition is just a fluke though, nothing a few more mornings of sleeping in won’t fix, right?

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