Weekend Recap

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and productive. I meant to pop in on Friday and post but it was my last day at my old job and I was just crazy busy all day long.  My office held a celebratory good-bye happy hour in my honor on Friday night and let’s just say that I had a little too much fun. I definitely can’t party like I used to. Luckily Saturday morning wasn’t too rough, and Nick and I went to First Watch for breakfast around 9 am. One just opened right down the street from our house and we will definitely be going there again!

IMG_4407Fruit with yogurt, granola and wheat germ and a banana muffin on the side. This was like breakfast heaven for me!

After I took a nap, I made it to the gym for a cardio combo split between the elliptical, arc trainer and spin bike. Fifteen minutes on each was just about all I could handle. I left the gym and walked right down the street to satisfy a major green juice craving that hit me halfway through my workout.

IMG_4198Spinach, kale, strawberries, pineapple and dates. Swoon.

We met up with our friends Jeff and Mallory for dinner at a bar downtown and stayed out until around 10, then came home and crashed.I managed to sleep in until 8:30 on Sunday morning, which is pretty much a record for me lately. After we took Bentley to the dog park, I came home and made one of my favorite breakfasts.

IMG_4929Green smoothie, iced coffee and PB&J waffle.

And then we went to the Farmer’s Market! This is one of my absolute favorite parts of Orlando. We stocked up on our fruits and veggies for the week and then had to stop for some grilled corn. This stand is always crazy crowded and for good reason! They straight up dip the grilled corn into hot butter right when it comes off the grill.

IMG_0611 IMG_6394And then I went to the gym and completed the same treadmill workout that I posted about a few days ago. If you get bored easily on the treadmill, this is for you. The 40 minutes flew by today! And then I played basketball with Nick for a while and thoroughly embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of middle schoolers. )

After running some errands and cleaning the house, I grilled us up some Hawaiian chicken skewers! The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday and grilling just felt right. I don’t think I could ever get sick of these skewers–they’re a recipe my mom taught me and I could eat them every night!

IMG_9958This morning is the first day of my new job (!!!).  I’m just so, so excited for my new job and the opportunity I have been given and can’t wait for this next step in my life. I’ll be sure to fill you all in as soon as I can! Have a happy Monday!


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    This makes me so excited for April/May to roll around so the Farmers Market comes back. Although with the deep freeze we’ve had all… winter…long it’ll be interesting to see the quality of some of the produce.

    also VERY impatiently waiting for the return of iced coffee in my life. can’t wait to see how the first day goes today! =)

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