Working Out When You’re Sick: Yes or No?

Just a little update. Still sick, but feeling a little bit better. Being sick is 10 times easier when I can lay on the couch and watch soccer for hours.


I went to work for a little today before leaving and going to the doctor. Two dead giveaways that something is wrong with me:

  1. I didn’t drink coffee this morning, and didn’t crave it at all.
  2. The thought of eating makes me queasy and I can barely stomach anything still.

Two things I’ve been able to keep down (and thus the only things I can look at to put on the blog):


Overnight oats with strawberries and peanut butter. Not sure why I’m so late to adding strawberries to overnight oats but this was amazing.


Fruit smoothie with lots of berries, peaches, banana, peach greek yogurt, spinach and almond milk. I’m trying to sneak in as many nutrients as I can so I can start to kick this sickness!

And on to the topic of the night: exercising while sick. I’m interested to hear your thoughts because it’s something that I think is so controversial. Taking the past few days to just rest and lay on the couch has been one of the best things for me, I think. Maybe it’s because I feel so awful but I can’t imagine working out right now. I feel like bouncing around on a cardio machine right now would just create Saturday night 2.0 and I would be sick for the rest of the night.

I’m not one to get sick often and when I do it hits me hard. I’ve heard the whole “Shoulders Up” rule about working out depending on where your symptoms are, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. If you’re really sick, you should stay out of the gym if for nothing other than respect for others! Despite gym staff’s efforts to keep gym clean, they can’t do it all and I know that many people don’t feel the need to clean off their equpiment after using it. If you’re sick, you shouldn’t bring your germs to the already germy gym! So that’s how I feel.

What about you – what are your thoughts on working out while sick? Let’s chat!


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